So it begins...

We are so excited that you are here watching and listening to our story. Andrew and I are a young..ish couple that are in hopes of sharing our story to make you, our reader and watcher inspired. You can do anything, when you set your mindset to "Warrior" mode. 

What does being a Warrior mean? It means that even when you are in your darkest moment, you remember that you will succeed and you will see the light at the end of that tunnel, even when right in that moment it may seem like it is so far away. 

We want to help you become that Warrior that you need, or help you help someone else become their own Warrior. 

This company is not about Victims, I REPEAT, this is not about telling stories and feeling bad for one another. This is about encouraging one another to do better, to be better, to find that small ray of light at the end of your own tunnel! We all have hard times, difficult circumstances, and tough situations. Let us, hold your hand and be your daily reminder, that you can do anything! 

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