Why Did We Create Our Warrior Boxes?

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was blessed in that I had a lot of support. I had a lot of family that made sure I was doing good on a daily basis.  Even though I felt alone because they didn't feel what I actually felt they always made sure to make me feel special.


They would send me goodies like wigs, ginger candies, motion sickness bracelets, lotions and many more things. Although some of the gifts I didn't use or particularly need they always made me feel so special and loved. Even when I felt like my support system didn't really understand, I found comfort in knowing that they were trying the best they could to make me feel better even while they were suffering watching me in my fight.


That is when the box idea came to be. I wanted to take the guess work out of sending a care package. I wanted that support person to be able to send gifts to their loved ones with a purpose, meaning. Things that the Warrior would not only feel special for receiving but also things that would empower, encourage and equip them.


We hope our boxes do exactly that, but, we don't want it to stop there. This is The Warrior MOVEMENT. We want to not only bring them joy from a gift but we want to support your warrior on an ongoing basis so be sure to follow us on social media and on our blog for stories of hope, strength and encouragement!