What Does the Word Warrior Mean To Us?

A Warrior is a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. 

During my medical battles over the course of my life there have been many times i stood in front of the mirror and repeat to myself: "I am a Warrior!”

The word Warrior gave me so much strength and power during my battles and I fully believe it will do the same for you. 

We are a company full of Warriors helping other Warriors unleash their inner strength, their inner fight to win ANY battle.

The ribbon in our logo represents all the current and future warriors. We hope that seeing the ribbon color for the battle you are fighting will allow you to see yourself the way we see you: as a Warrior.

The heartbeat in the W is very precious to us, it’s in memory to a very special heart warrior in our hearts.

Our logo represents so many hours of thought and creation to make it exactly what we'd wanted to convey and honor. 

This word was not chosen lightly. Your inner Warrior is your strength, your power, your armor to tackle every day with all the power and might you have. We deeply and truly hope as you get to know us and our incredible community of warriors that we can  show you how to lean on this word and unleash it within yourself.

We love you, Warrior.